The GARS club is still meeting online. We are excited to welcome Dr. Bob Heil ( K9EID) as our special guest speaker for the October 20th meeting.
Meeting link:
Check in with the website for any changes.

The FCC is accepting comments on a proposed $50 fee for Amateur Radio License Applications, Vanity Calls, Renewals and for a copy of your license. Currently, these are free. They are also looking at taking 75% bandwidth to expand broadband. The Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) is in response to xMD Docket 20-270.Law

You can submit your comment here In the first box type, "20-270", then select the "Amendment of the Schedule of Application Fees....", fill out the remainder and submit.

Elections are coming, and we will be using remote voting technology. To keep the voting relatively private, Rebecca Wolfson has created a sample practice form. This practice form also does double duty as a suggestion survey.

Check out the recent Newsletter May GARS Mouth

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Dr. Bob Heil ( K9EID) will be our special guest speaker for the OCTOBER meeting.

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