GARS (Gainesville Amateur Radio Society)

ARRL Summer Field Day Is Happening 6/22-23.
Be Radio-Active!

This weekend, GARS is hosting the local area for the national ARRL Summer Field Day.
Amateur Radio operators from all over the country will be contesting with voice, digital and Morse code to make contacts, and GARS would like to get new folks on the air!

6/22/24 from 2pm to 5pm and Sunday 6/23/24 9am to 2pm, everyone is welcome to join GARS at
Waldo City Square (located at 14450 NE 148th Ave in Waldo, FL) and try out some “Ham Radio”- no license is required!
Children with adults are welcome, and they can get on the air as well: this is a great opportunity to see STEM topics at work.
Saturday there will be teaching stations to let people try their hand at soldering and crimping connections. It's simple and fun to have an experienced person guide you through making an on-air contact.
Hurricane season is here- learn how Amateur Radio works when the cell towers go down!
ARRL 2024 Field Day logo

Our Next Club meeting (open to anyone) will be held Tuesday, July 16th. See details on this page.

We are trying to reduce/eliminate interference heard on our local VHF 146.820 repeater. As an experiment, we have activated the CTCSS tone on the repeater receiver.
Most of our radios already transmit a 123.0Hz sub-audible tone when calling the repeater, so for most of us nothing is needed and the repeater will work as expected.
However if your radio is not able to activate the repeater, then turn on the CTCSS tone when transmitting to the repeater. If in doubt as to which tone to set, set anything called CTCSS to 123.0Hz. Do not change any settings not connected with CTCSS.
Please send questions and feedback to
Thanks for your patience while we figure all this out.

We are testing simplex connectivity in Alachua County. Please see this page for more details.

GARS club meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month from 6:30pm - 8:00pm. The in-person meeting will be located at:
       Trinity United Methodist Church, Room 211
       4000 NW 53rd Ave
       Gainesville, FL 32653
These will be hybrid meetings so you can also attend via Zoom at:

Mark your calendars now! ARRL Summer Field Day 2024 is June 22-23rd. Go to for general information about this great event.

2024 GARS Waldo EOC Summer Field Day Schedule
posted by Mike Martell KK4KRZ (

Official ARRL Field Day operating time is Saturday 22 June 2PM EDT to Sunday 23 June 2PM EDT

The main Field Day event will be as follows:

GARS will setup at 10AM on Saturday 22 June.
Operating on the air on Saturday will run 2PM to 5PM,
and Sunday 9AM to 2PM.

If you what to work extended hours on Saturday evening through Sunday, please let me know so we can make a schedule for extended hours. If you can attend any of these times let me know your name and when you can attend (include any visitors).

Also, can you bring a crock pot of chili or soup. GARS will supply rolls, crackers, condiments, etc. for lunch on Saturday 22 June.

Lunch will start at 12:00 on Saturday 22 June.

Please check our Facebook page for current news, events and related stories, on the Gainesville Amateur Radio Society Page. We are updating our webpage, so check back frequently.

Other than monthly club meetings, most GARS activities take place at the Waldo City Square, located at 14450 NE 148th Avenue, Waldo - 15 minutes north of Gainesville. Google map reference: 29°47'29.5"N 82°10'10.5"W, or "29.791532, -82.169591".

Looking for a helping hand to explain specific radio interests? Email to You will receive a response from a volunteer.

GARS members had a great Winter Field Day at the Waldo City Square, January 27-28th. See our Facebook page for updates and photos. We made several hundred contacts using Voice and Morse Code. New Hams got on the air while our more experienced folks mentored and encouraged.

Hamcation in Orlando was February 9-11th (Friday thru Sunday). Several members went to see all that Amateur Radio has to offer - and spend their extra cash...

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Next GARS club monthly meeting Tuesday 7/16/2024 6:30pm. Next local FCC license testing is 1pm Saturday August 3rd (see "Testing" below)